Unleaded petrol pump nozzle

Last year around 175,000 U.K drivers put the wrong fuel in their vehicles.

Filled up with wrong fuel?

Petrol / Diesel mix ups are becoming more common.

More and more U.K drivers are putting the wrong fuel in their cars as more diesels are being brought.

Last year around 175,000 U.K drivers put the wrong fuel in their vehicles and suffered the embarrassment of calling a breakdown service or garage to help them. In fact it is happening on average 400 times a day, with each mistake costing from couple of hundred of pounds to high thousands of pounds.

So what happens when you put the wrong fuel in your vehicle?

Do NOT start your engine if possible.

Starting the engine will circulate the wrong fuel threw the fuel system, you would probably only get a few miles down the road before the car conks out on you, or when you turn off the engine it will not restart.

There are a few parts in the fuel system that could get damaged.
Petrol in a diesel engine can harm the engines lubrication process and in particular to the high-pressure pump. Diesel in a petrol engine can spook coil packs, ecu’s and harm the catalytic converter and oxygen sensors (lambda sensors).

These components are not always affected and a lot of the time does not need to be replaced.

Greenways can help.

What happens now? Usually you would call a breakdown service or garage to get your vehicle recovered. However garages often charge £300+ for a fuel drain and manufacturers often recommend change of parts costing £5,000+!

Greenways specialise in the removal of wrong fuel from any make and model of vehicle. Our technicians are trained in the use of specialist equipment to remove incorrect fuel as safe and quick as possible, either at your home or the road side.